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June 2011: Petition submitted to BCEAO/CEAA: viewable here. Also hand-delivered to Nanaimo-Alberni MP James Lunney.

Sending the Petitions with 654 signatures and a letter off to the “Big Four”.

Sent July 2011 ……….. Received a response below!

Petition Packages being sent to CEOs and Premier
Petition Packages being sent to CEOs and Premier

 Following is the response I received on September 9th 2011:

Response to No Ral No Coal Petition September 09 2011
The response to the No Rail No Coal Petition received from John Tapics, CEO of Compliance Coal Corporation on behalf of the Comox Joint Venture partners.  Note the response was also CC’ed to Christy Clark, Premier of BC

And my Reply:

Mr. John Tapics
CEO Compliance Coal Corporation
dba Comox Joint Venture

Re: Raven Underground Coal Project

Dear Mr. Tapics,

Thank you for your reply.

While I am disappointed that your answer has not changed since the beginning of this process, I trust that you continue to hear the need expressed by the public and local government for attention to this and many other concerns with the Raven Underground Coal Project. I have posted your response to the website.   I also trust that you know the effort will not cease.

I remain committed to the goals of the No Rail No Coal petition to convince, and force, you, the Comox Joint Venture partners, the ICF and Government to come up with a way to use the rail line before, and in the event of, the proposal being approved.

It is worth noting that the day before you sent your response, September 8th 2011, the Arctic set a new record low for ice cover stretching back at least 8000 years according to physicists at the University of Bremen in Germany.  I hope this and other global events weigh on your and others decisions.

Sincerely and with respect.

Chris Alemany

No Rail No Coal Petition
3854 6th Ave.
Port Alberni, BC

CC’ed to:
CoalWatch Listserve, Editor AVTimes, Editor AVNews, Premier Christy Clark, MLA Scott Fraser, MP James Lunney, NDP Leader Adrian Dix, BC Minister of Transportation, Minister of Industry for Government of Canada, Minister of Environment for Government of Canada.

Here’s the animation that says it all.

Why did people sign the petition?

Because government and corporations must know that the E&N is a valuable and key part of our transportation infrastructure on Vancouver Island and must be seriously considered, and used.

Some comments from folks who signed the online petition:

“it would be near impossible to maintain a reliable delivery schedule for coal trucks and the resulting congestion would impact negatively on tourism so vital to our West Coast communities.”

“reduced fuel consumption is necessary to stop climate change from destroying our kid’s lives.”

“I do not agree with coal mines – but if there have to be some, at least use rail and not trucks for transport”

Thank you to everyone who signed.  It’s not over yet!