Why Not Use No Coal?

There are many many reasons to oppose this coal mine outright and this website and petition is not meant to counter that opposition.  There are also many reasons to consider it a viable business opportunity and this petition is not meant to counter that either.

This effort only deals with the question of transportation as it is presented in the project proposal.

During the current first stages of approval the Environmental Assessment attempts to force the company to use the best possible methods to conduct the project and take all concerns into account.  This includes gathering suggestions from the public during the Public Comment Periods. Because the rail line itself is publicly owned through the ICF, this effort will also show Government that the people want the infrastructure improved so that it is available to any projects in the future.

After the public comment periods are over and then the final approval process can happen.  This is when public can voice either its support or opposition to the project as a whole to the Ministers who will make the final decision.

If you would like more information about the negative effects of this coal mine go to www.coalwatch.ca.  The official Raven Project website is available at www.theravenproject.ca.


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