Time to lean on the Regional Districts again

In case you missed it, on Wednesday, VIA Rail announced at its annual general meeting that an agreement with SVI and the ICF had “for all intents and purposes been concluded.”

You can see it at their youtube link. Skip to 38:30.

The President said it should be signed within the next few weeks and that the ball was now in the ICFs court to secure the funding.

That’s where you come in. The ICF of course already got commitments from the province, Feds, and regional districts but they would only release the funds when VIA signed on.

The ICF has sent out a request for supporters to email their regional districts to encourage them to sign their respective contribution agreements releasing the funding as soon as possible. The quicker they do it, the quicker work can get started and passenger and freight service can get going again.

I’ve included the email addresses of the five regional chairs for you to encourage them to sign by the end of June.

To Email the Regional District Chairs Click Here

‘Dear Regional Board Chair, congratulations on making the funding commitment to help restore passenger rail service and encouraging VIA Rail to sign a new agreement. As this was a requirement for your funding please sign the contribution agreement so work can start on restoring the rail’

Your continued support is very much appreciated,

Thank you,

Graham Bruce
Chef Executive Officer
Island Corridor Foundation