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To Whom it May Concern,

Re: Raven Underground Coal Mine –

I am very concerned with the transportation options put forth by the Proponent in the draft AIR for the Raven Underground Coal Mine near Fanny Bay, BC. The dAIR indicates they will use trucks to transport the coal from the mine to the port and does not seriously consider the E&N railway as a viable transportation alternative.

This is unacceptable. Rail must be used for transport of the coal.

I ask that you require the Proponent to mitigate this concern by working with the Island Corridor Foundation, Southern Rail of Vancouver Island and senior Government to utilize the E&N Island Rail system to move the coal to its point of export.

I also ask that the Provincial and Federal government invest in this infrastructure to repair and upgrade it so that it can safely haul this product if the mine is approved and to ensure the E&N can provide other freight, passenger and tourist services well into the future.

If the Proponent does not use rail, their application for environmental approval should be denied due to unacceptable safety, social and environmental impacts, as well as even greater impacts of stated future mines (known as the “Bear Project” in the dAIR). Sincerely,

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Feel free to browse through my written submission to the CEAA during the first federal Public Comment Period last September. _____________________________________________________

The following letter has been submitted to all of the potential BC Liberal and BC NDP leadership candidates. When I receive a response from any of the candidates, I will post it here. Kevin Falcon and Ed Mayne have responded

Dear __________, The proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine near Courtenay is a hot topic among residents. The “Only Rail! No Rail? No Coal!” petition started in Port Alberni and is expanding throughout Vancouver Island. The petition currently has over 500 written signatures. The petition demands the Proponent and all levels of Government invest in the historic E&N railway and require its use, not trucks, for transportation of the coal from the mine to the port if the mine is approved. The Raven mine is proposing 75 trucks a day, or 26,000 a year, transiting between the mine and Port Alberni. This represents a tripling or more, in heavy truck traffic on Highway 19 and the scenic and congested Highway 4. Using the E&N would represent a savings of up to 4 megatonnes of CO2 over the life of the mine and millions of provincial and municipal tax dollars in road maintenance. Given the safety, air emissions, noise, road maintenance and traffic impacts from these trucks and the possibility of more mines in the future, it is the opinion of the signers of this petition that rail is the only safe, economical, and sustainable way that the coal can be transported from the mine to port. Using and revitalizing the rail line would also bring major benefits not only to the railway but to the Island Corridor Foundation and the Island communities and First Nations that own it. I have attached the petition to this letter as well as a fact sheet. You can see more information or sign the petition online at The petition will be submitted to the Provincial EA office and other stakeholders and government bodies before the end of the next public comment period. (Currently slated for Early 2011). As a potential leader of your Party and the Province of British Columbia I ask you for your support. This petition demands leadership and foresight from our business and political leaders and I hope you will take this opportunity to show those qualities. Yours truly, Christopher Alemany on behalf of the signers of the Only Rail! No Rail? No Coal! petition

Responses Received: Kevin Falcon has responded first via Twitter DM to chrisale_ on January 29: “If Raven goes ahead, I do believe the coal should be shipped by rail.” Ed Mayne has responded via Twitter @chrisale_ on February 10: “I cant comment on mine until the total assessment is done Cant make a decision until all facts from both sides r in”