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The Petition:

ONLY RAIL! – No Rail? No Coal!

We, the Undersigned, believe coal from the proposed Raven Coal Mine must be transported by no other means than railroad to its point of export.

We, the Undersigned, encourage consultations to be held between the Compliance Coal Corporation (the Proponent), the Island Corridor Foundation, Southern Rail of Vancouver Island, the Government of BC and other affected parties to rehabilitate and exclusively use the Island Railway to transport coal from the mine production facility to its point of export.

We, the Undersigned, require the Proponent submit a modified Project Description to the BC EAO specifying rail as the sole transportation method for the project.

We, the Undersigned, call on the BC and Federal Environmental Assessment Offices to consider this project unacceptable if exported product is moved by truck due to increased highway congestion, public safety concerns, CO2 and smog emissions, and cost to taxpayers for maintenance of provincial and municipal roadways and to consider the extended environmental, social and economic benefits a revitalized Island Railway would bring to residents and businesses on Vancouver Island.


Recipients: (This petition is best served going to the political and business people who will make the final decision and who can change the direction of the project.)

  • Compliance Coal Corporation
  • Island Corridor Foundation
  • British Columbia Minister of Transportation
  • Federal Minister of Transportation
  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office
  • Government of Canada Environmental Assessment Office
  • Southern Railway of Vancouver Island
  • City of Parksville
  • City of Qualicum Beach
  • City of Courtenay
  • City of Port Alberni
  • Members of Legislative Assembly of BC:
  • Don McRae, BC Liberal Party, Comox Valley
  • Ron Cantelon, BC Liberal Party, Parksville-Qualicum
  • Scott Fraser, New Democratic Party of BC, Alberni-Pacific Rim
  • Leonard Krog, New Democratic Party of BC, Nanaimo
  • Doug Routley, New Democratic Party of BC, Nanaimo-North Cowichan
  • Members of Parliament of Canada:
  • John Duncan, Conservative Party of Canada, Vancouver Island North
  • Dr. James Lunney, Conservative Party of Canada, Nanaimo-Alberni
  • Jean Crowder, New Democratic Party of Canada, Nanaimo-Cowichan